Derek Twilight's Lottery Picks

The mystical side of Derek Twilight

Derek was a bit of a mystic. He was well read on subjects of Kabala, Zen, Meister Echhardt. Long before those subjects came into the mainstream New Age Movement. But Derek was always looking to apply mystical experience. He never fully believed in chance and believed that sensient beings could influence the course of events. This applied to even the lottery. Derek's theories also mixed in a bit of conspiracy theory as well. To that end he believed that the lottery was susceptable to the psychic energy of those that played it. That while psychic energy could not fully undo the randomness of the lottery ball machines it was still influencing the outcome. This he reasoned is why certain numbers repeat in a given week and why some numbers come up at a higher rate than others.

The conspiracy theory played to Derek's cynical side and his distrust in authority in general. He reasoned that there was way to much money at stake for the government not to try to influence the outcome. This led to Derek's Law: "If someone is screwing with an otherwise random process, we should be able to detect this and use it to our advantage".

By Pressing the buttons on this page you will be given a set of quick picks that approximate the mystical and conspiratorial theory's of Derek Twilight. The algorithm is proprietary and while Derek never fully revealed his complete algorithm. Some speculate that he did indeed win a lottery of sufficient Grand Prize as to retire comfortably, which is why no one who knew him have really heard from him since his days at Rensselaer.


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